Bucharest; 18th of June 2018

GEORGIA, TBILISI: On the 15th of June 2018, Synergy Construct signed the contract for extending the existing Gebruder Weiss Logistic Park, in particular – Cross docking and Office building areas, considering fire safety regulations and modern design principles.

Synergy is responsible for Design and Construction works of all – Architectural, Structural, MEP works – and handover a turnkey project.

Existing building was constructed by Synergy on design&built turnkey contract and handed over in 2013.

The completion date that had been set for this extension is 15th December 2018.



BT2 – Cross docking Extension – 2500 m2

BT3 – Office Building Extension – 350 m2

Canteen – 150 m2

BT6 – Car parking – 2500 m2

Green area – 4500 m2

BT6 – Concrete platform – 5500 m2


Synergy’s work history in Georgia

Synergy has had a long history in executing projects in Georgia. In 2016 the company completed as Design&Build General Contractor, a 3500 sqm cement-based adhesive factory for Henkel Building Chemicals Georgia LLC. The Henkel ACB Factory is located in Tbilisi.


Also in 2016, Synergy completed the McDonald’s Logistic Center located in Tbilisi. The logistic center has a 3500 sqm gross built area and is formed largely from Cold Storage Facilities.

Synergy Construct is proud to announce the design&build of the Gebruder Weiss Logistic Park Extension

In 2017 the company also delivered a 25,000 sqm mineral water and natural juice production facility in Nabeghlavi: Nabeghlavi Healthy Water-Rauch Factory.


Synergy also completed other industrial projects in Georgia, among which POTI Boat Repair Workshop and TAM31 Airplane Maintenance Hall Renovation.

Synergy’s work history on INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS

Synergy’s history in industrial-related projects is vast. In this direction we have to reiterate projects like: Aston Warehouse & Workshop (Romania / Bucharest); Kellogg’s Napoleon Factory (Poland / Kutno); ETI Sweets Factory (Romania / Craiova); Procter & Gamble Production Facility (Romania / Bucharest); Faurecia Automotive Parts Production Facility (Romania / Pitesti); Cikautxo Romania (Romania / Campia Turzii); YKK Factory (Romania / Bucharest); Avon Office & Packaging Facility (Romania / Bucharest); Prologis Logistic Center (Romania / Bucharest); KLG Europe Logistics (Romania / Bucharest); Chitila Logistic Park (Romania / Bucharest); BWLP F & G Building (Romania / Bucharest); BWLP DSV Warehouse (Frans Maas) (Romania / Bucharest); BWLP AAA Auto (Romania / Bucharest); Yazaki Europe Factory (Romania / Bucharest); Ina Schaeffler Automotive Spare Parts Factory (Romania / Brasov).


Founded in 2001, in Romania, by Savaş Günata and Huseyin Karali, Synergy Construct is a leading general contracting company that provides sustainable building solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial and public sector. The company’s capabilities span a large variety of project types and during the 16 years of activity SYNERGY has successfully completed industrial, logistic and energy projects, as well as new construction and renovation of hotels, retail centres, office buildings, educational establishments and residential complexes.

Over the past years, Synergy Construct has been responsible for some of the largest construction projects in Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Poland and Germany. The company has now offices in all the five countries. Headquartered in Bucharest (Romania), Synergy employs more than 800 workers, who are strategically supported by 50 employees working at the company’s headquarters.

Prologis Logistic Center (Bucharest- Romania), Gebrüder Weiss Logistic Center (Tbilisi- Georgia), ETI Confectionary Factory (Craiova- Romania), Rose Garden Residential Complex (Bucharest- Romania), Mega Mall (Bucharest- Romania), Fashion House Outlet Center (Bucharest- Romania), America House (Bucharest- Romania) and Radison Blu Hotel (Bucharest- Romania) are among the reference projects completed by SYNERGY worldwide.

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