About us

Founded in 2001, in Romania, by Savas Gunata and Huseyin Karali, Synergy Construct is a leading general contracting company that provides sustainable building solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial and public sector. Our capabilities span a large variety of project types and during the 16 years of activity we have successfully completed industrial, logistic and energy projects, as well as new construction and renovation of hotels, retail centres, office buildings, educational establishments and residential complexes.

We set ourselves apart from the competition through innovative, unique solutions, combined with our project and engineering know-how. Our project management and engineering expertise give us a leading market and technology edge in our segments. The knowledge, dedication and commitment of our employees are the basis for our success.

Over the past years, Synergy Construct has been responsible for some of the largest construction projects in Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Poland and Germany. The company has now offices in all the five countries. Headquartered in Bucharest (Romania), Synergy employs more than 800 workers, who are strategically supported by 50 employees working at the company’s headquarters.

The availability of diverse in-house services allows unconstrained coordination of disciplines and provides our clients with economically and promptly executed projects. In 16 years of activity Synergy Construction has completed over 100 projects in Romania and abroad. This success is confirmed by our many professional awards, certificates and reference letters.


We aim to build and deliver turnkey, high-quality and cost-effective construction projects on schedule for our clients while providing quality employment and career growth opportunities


We strive to provide innovative and sustainable construction solutions for complex projects, maintain our leading position in the markets where we operate and expand our activity on new international markets.


The values that guide our activity and support the successful delivery of our projects are:

• Uncompromised quality;
• Safety;
• Integrity;
• Sustainability;
• Ethical and transparent conduct;
• Care for the environment;
• Commitment to our customers’ needs and requirements.

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