General Contracting

Synergy Construct completes projects with the traditional project-delivery system, providing the services of a general contractor. Adding value to the construction process by integrating all services and providing a single point of responsibility for our clients.

Traditionally, Synergy secures projects from competitive bids. To successfully keep growing on the market, Synergy is continually fine tuning every aspect of the project delivery process to ensure the provision of the highest level of services at the most competitive price.


An up-to-date cost database allows Synergy Construct to develop an accurate project budget early in the design phase and update this budget until the design is ready for construction. The pre-construction services may include document reviewing, cost estimating, project planning and scheduling.


Synergy Construct has a thorough knowledge of the design/build process and can complete many aspects of the design in-house. Synergy Construct has a proven ability to successfully deliver on time projects according to clients’ need for cost-effective and qualitative facilities in which both design and construction responsibility are held by Synergy.

Moreover, Synergy provides viable solutions to unique problems regarding the location of the site, recognizing that these issues are just as important as the physical construction of the project.