Social Responsibility

While our story unrolls, with strong anchor in our roots and present times, we endeavour a strong mission for good. The last two years have been extremely difficult for the Romanian medical system and this showed us how necessary investments are in its development and modernization. For this reason, we decided to get involved in renovating the new Cardiology Center of the "Prof. Dr. Theodor Burghele" Clinical Hospital, which will provide medical services at the highest standards of quality.

In 2021, we have chosen to address and support, to the best of our abilities, as many strong and meaningful causes related to children in need, as they represent our future as a society. To this end, we have financially secured, for an entire year, three foster homes from S.O.S. Satele Copiilor Romania, covering homes and utilities, food, clothes and social mothers for children.

Moreover, we leveraged Zi de Bine capacity to renovate IOMC hospital (Institutul National pentru Sanatatea Mamei si Copilului Bucuresti) section of Pediatrics IV – digestive illness, and fully equip it with the necessary technology, thus ensuring hospital and treatment capabilities to modern standards for over 50.000 children reaching this hospital annually.

We are an official Shareholder of Happiness for Daruieste Viata, building the first oncological hospital for children in Romania. The medical system needs our support and children and their families need access to better medical service.

As our budget allowed it, we reached out to Asociatia HOSPICE Casa Sperantei helping chidren with uncurable illness, Asociatia Deficientilor de Hexocinaza caring for several children with such health problems, Asociatia Noel ensuring cancer treatment for two children, Asociatia Irina Anastasia helping children with locomotor challenges, Asociatia PAVEL helping parents with cancer diagnosed children and Asociatia Act for Tomorrow ensuring several substantial environment cleaning actions each year.

And because the future stands as a promise for greater achievements, we, at Synergy, have also been supporting Mihaela Buzarnescu, Romanian tennis player, 20 WTA in 2018.

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